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Iron man Tournaments are for the few and proud that want to punish themselves in the name of hockey. No subs, no rests, all hockey. After a goalie covers or after a goal, the puck is pulled out of the crease, brought behind the goal line, and play will resume once it crosses the goal line again. Action never stops.

Rules are as follows:

Minimum 4 games.

10 minute games.

No Timeouts.

4 players plus goalie only - No Subs.

Only one faceoff per game - the one to start the game.

Puck is always in play unless it exits the playing area.

All penalties apply as per current AAU inline hockey rules.

Penalties result in a penalty shot at end of game.

Fighting is not tolerated and results in immediate expulsion from tournament and the following league.

Anyone associated will be held Responsible for their actions!

Teams with less than 2 players will forfeit rest of tournament.

General Info:

$20 a player (Goalies play for free).

Space is limited: Only 5 teams max per division.

Tournaments are scheduled after each season.

Each division is relative in skill to the night of normal league divisions.

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