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Inline Hockey is a faster, less costly and safer way to play hockey year-round. Unlike many sports, size has very little impact on one’s potential in hockey. And because the tempo of the game is so fast and has fewer and briefer interruptions in play, it is great for short attention spans. Indoors there’s always great weather so game schedules are more consistent, and it’s better for those with allergies or asthma. Also, not having mosquitoes, dust or sunburn makes it more comfortable for family and friends to enjoy. Being a less common sport, it makes those that play more unique.

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League Fees: 195.00 per player - Includes 10 games

Membership (optional): $50.00 per person or 85.00 a family Discounts on - League fees, hockey equipment, drop-in hockey play.

Family Discount: If more then one family member plays at CCSC any additional family member will receive $20 OFF their hockey registration fees!

Multi-League Discount: Play in more then one hockey league at CCSC and receive a $20 OFF discount on your next league fees!

Since the demise of USA Hockey Inline, our focus as a league is to follow the rules and certification process set in place by AAU.

Our year-round hockey leagues play in four seasons. Each season consists of 10 games. Check our website for details on the schedules of each season. If you want to start before next season, sometimes you can sub-in mid season. Ask us for details as there may be conditions that apply.

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